Expertise & Tools: Enabling Better Outcomes

How it works · 2023-06-27

There is an adage, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire...

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Financial Hardship and Lender Policies in the Digital Age

Industry News · 2023-02-01

Consider this. The modern consumer model in recent times has been moulded and championed by suppliers of goods...

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Inflation: Using Technology to Compete In a Changing Market

Industry News · 2022-11-23

The fundamental economic principle of a correlation existing between inflation and interest rates has long...

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Credisense and Mambu Collaborate to Offer APAC Lenders a Next-Generation End-To-End Lending Solution.

Industry News · 2022-11-09

SYDNEY, 9 November, 2022: Credisense, a leading no-code origination, workflow and credit decisioning platform,...

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The Rise of the API Economy

Data trends · 2022-10-10

The invention of the wheel, railway networks, internal combustion and the discovery of flight have all been...

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CCCFA Changes and Unintended Consequences

Industry News · 2022-06-20

Author Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote the “Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of...

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Need To Know Series – Episode 1: CCCFA Changing Responsibilities 29 November 2021

How it works · 2021-12-03

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How can biometric verification fast track your customer origination process?

How it works · 2021-10-29

Automating identity verification using biometrics is one way to speed up your credit decisions and...

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Verify your customers in a matter of seconds with biometric identification

How it works · 2021-09-17

Transform customer onboarding with effortless and enjoyable digital experience using electronic biometric...

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The Future of Buy Now, Pay Later in New Zealand

Industry News · 2021-06-08

A rising trend in consumer spending is based on the model of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) purchases. Unseating...

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The increasing use of biometric information for identity verification

Uncategorised · 2021-04-16

In recent years organisations of all sizes, across most industry sectors have focused on shifting the...

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How to remotely complete your customer due diligence requirements

How it works · 2020-12-17

Bypassing the main banks in sending money offshore can be a profitable business. But companies need to be...

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Artificial Intelligence’s growing role in Credit Risk

Data trends · 2020-11-25

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are playing an increasing role in assessing credit...

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Credit origination innovations on the rise

How it works · 2020-10-15

Although credit processes can still be manually labour-intensive to originate and execute, the consumer...

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Riding the No-Code wave of credit automation

Uncategorised · 2020-09-10

When it comes to surviving in our increasingly unpredictable global environment, businesses are looking for...

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Election outcome unlikely to impact credit demand in New Zealand

Uncategorised · 2020-08-13

New Zealand is not one of the world’s powerhouse economies. Compared to the US, which has begun the...

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New Zealand could match SME opportunities noted in SE Asian digital financial services

Industry News · 2020-07-16

A study late last year by Google, Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek, and Bain & Company, tracked...

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Ch-ch-ch changes – the new normal

International · 2020-06-11

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a transformative impact on the world of credit risk assessment. Leaving to...

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How lenders can cope with the new norms of remote digital service

Data trends · 2020-05-14

COVID-19 is fast-forwarding the digital transformation of companies around the world. We are seeing...

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Pandemics and pandemonium – COVID-19’s impact on credit

Data trends · 2020-04-16

The recorded impact of major pandemics on economies stretches back to at least medieval times and, serious...

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P2P Lending: What China taught us

Industry News · 2020-03-12

P2P lending has spread significantly since the pioneering Zopa was conceived in the UK way back in...

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The Relationship Between Climate Change and Credit Scoring

Data trends · 2020-02-13

The skies above Auckland turned a vivid orange earlier this year as the impact of Australia’s raging...

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Cautious economic optimism for 2020

Industry News · 2020-01-16

Despite the uncertainties of the past year, pundits generally seem to be expecting a global recovery by the...

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Will Open Banking Shake Up The Industry?

Data trends · 2019-12-05

Open Banking has the potential to restructure the competitive landscape and consumer experience, not only of...

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Top 2 Decisioning Software Features that Keep Your Business Agile

How it works · 2019-08-12

Off the back of the National Bank of Malaysia’s (Bank Negara Malaysia or BNM) temporary measure to boost in...

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China’s P2P Lending Meltdown Makes a Great Teaching Moment

Industry News · 2019-06-14

P2P lending has spread significantly since the pioneering Zopa was conceived in the UK way back in 2005....

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It just makes sense

How it works · 2019-04-04

Digital strategies are well underway at many companies, with ROI often driving the decisions on what is...

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Reduce Risk and Reap Rewards of SME Financing through Digitised Decisioning

Our Thoughts · 2019-02-11

Opportunity and risk. They often come together, and this can be seen in the rising force of the Southeast...

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What is Happening in the World of Credit?

Data trends · 2019-01-22

A review of what was hot in 2018 and what will happen in 2019. The end of 2018 and start of 2019 brings...

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Replace Credit Managers with Automation

Industry News · 2018-12-21

Over the course of time we’ll explore the various drivers for automating credit assessment, loan...

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It’s All About Data, Dummy.

Data trends · 2018-12-08

Much has been written about data-driven strategies and decision-making based on scientific strategies,...

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Drive Higher Customer Satisfaction through Online Loan Origination

Our Thoughts · 2018-11-15

In recent years several research papers have come out citing the difference in millennial culture, their...

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The hidden function and its importance in the digital era.

Our Thoughts · 2018-11-08

Consumers are more connected, and with the number of people connected to the internet topping 4 billion...

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