Dial in better decisions, faster.

Dial in better decisions, faster.

Convenience and speed to purchase are crucial with today’s consumers. If you can’t offer a customer a device, plan and contract in minutes, your competitors will. By digitising and automating your credit, risk and fraud onboarding processes, you’ll make smarter decisions, faster. This means quicker sales turnaround times, better customer experiences, with less risk.

Meet Credisense

Credisense offers a no-code, omni-channel platform upon which your business can digitise and automate its customer onboarding processes.

Make a good call with Credisense and reap the benefits.

Customer Experience

Instant approvals

Deploy a blazingly fast time-to-decision across your channels. Capture customers in store and online before they move to the competition.

Ring in the right checks

Through our open API, Credisense allows native integration to thousands of third party data points, such as commercial and consumer credit bureaus, bank transactions, data cleansing and verification tools, biometric identity verification, and communication tools (SMS and email).

Centralise everything

Credisense helps you centralise channels, products, data and decisions. Not only stopping channel inconsistencies, but giving you a single view of your revenue operations.

Do more with less

Rapid ROI by lowering your operating, fraud and bureau costs, and increasing your revenue, digital and in-store conversations.

Lower credit risk

Leverage Credisense to elevate your decision intelligence. Objective decisioning and multi-scorecard processing and built-in anti-fraud tools.

Cloud or on-premise

Choose the deployment strategy that works best for your organisation. While Credisense is cloud-native, we also deploy on-premise or private cloud when required.

No-code, composable applications

Credisense offers multiple composable features from smart digital forms and portals to workflow/decisioning and documentation. You choose the features you need.

Make stores and customers happy

With fully customisable retail and digital portals, every sales channel of your business can be automated with Credisense.

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