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Biometrics: a new normal for customer experience

Even before COVID-19, the world was going digital. But the pandemic accelerated the shift more quickly than anyone could have predicted. With stay-at-home orders in place, the introduction of remote working and remote learning, and widespread wariness about in-person transactions, many aspects of consumers’ lives became completely dependent on digitalisation overnight. That won’t change post-pandemic. 

This transformation, along with a need to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) guidelines, has hastened the process of digital dependency.

Businesses need to adapt quickly to meet this transformative trend. No longer restricted to financial businesses with stricter guidelines, biometrics is being widely adopted by all industries and businesses of all sizes.

As critical part of customer journeys, it is equally essential to ensure you adopt a biometric identification process that is frictionless, with quick and easy onboarding.

Why should businesses adopt biometric identification?

  1. Need of the hour. Face-to-face interactions in a locked down world is not always feasible. Digital identity verification tools, such as OneMatch, fill the gap so businesses can meet guidelines or just live up to a heightened customer need to be digital. Businesses need to plan for continuity in a pandemic-struck world. Electronic biometric identification is a step in this direction.
  2. The new “face” to customer experience. Growing digital dependency is a transformative by-product of the pandemic. What was previously a need for law enforcement and financial sectors, is now becoming the face of personalised customer experience across industries. Facial biometric identification technologies are effortlessly unlocking contactless customer experience in multiple venues, whether shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, stadium or airports. Driven by convenience and speed of digital interactions, electronic biometric identification has become the new face of customer experience.
  3. Reduce the time and cost involved in customer onboarding. Biometric identification replaces manual verification, increasing accuracy and reducing costs. It also speeds up the process, enabling customers to be quickly onboarded, while maintaining high levels of security. Using tools such as OneMatch, identity confirmation takes just a few seconds. Off late tools such as Teams and Zoom have been used a replacement to face-to-face identification, however, these may not meet compliance requirements. According to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), a purely visual human eye inspection on a video conference call is insufficient to link the customer to their claimed identity. 
  4. Meet regulatory needs of AML/CFTin a structured format with all results all stored in a secure and unified manner. Audits are no longer a scramble! Biometric identification is an important part of reducing the risk of compliance penalties and reputational damage from negative publicity should a business fail to comply.
  5. Reduce and prevent exposure to fraud by assuring that users are genuine, and are the same person that they claim to be. Unlike database checks or traditional identification methods, electronic biometric identity can’t be stolen, lost and is extremely difficult to hack. This provides an increased sense of security for both businesses and customers.

OneMatch: a smarter identity authentication software

Minimising customer friction, OneMatch is a best-in-class digital identity verification tool. It is a secure and streamlined way to identify customers in a few easy steps using a phone.

In addition to all of the above benefits, OneMatch is a highly customisable tool that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every business, through easy drag and drop creation. No ongoing support required to evolve customer journeys or branding makes it more cost effective than many of its competitors. OneMatch’s smartness and convenience comes without a hefty price tag, making it within easy reach for businesses of all sizes.

Book a free demo for OneMatch today to take your business’ identity verification to the next level.

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