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Digital strategies are well underway at many companies, with ROI often driving the decisions on what is digitised first. As is usual with all investment, money, and how much is available to invest drives what can be achieved.

Focusing on a really important area of business – credit control – and the ability to digitise this is often not at the top of many organisations priorities – mainly due to the cost of automating the function, with most systems costing anywhere from $30K all the way up to hundreds of thousands.

Here’s where I’m going to be shameless, not only because it’s true but because I am passionate about sharing how we can improve both how you work but also your customer experience. Credisense was conceived to help businesses make smarter decisions faster by enabling organisations of all sizes to implement world leading, credit digitisation and automation software, at a fair price.

With prices starting at $79 per month, you will gain access to a customised online credit application form with pre-built free links into the New Zealand Companies Office and Google Addressing so you always have the right information the first time around. We will transform your credit policy into automated decisioning which taps into the main bureaux, so you have the right credit data to make the best decisions, instantly.

To ensure you get off to a good start, the onboarding process also includes setting up your dunning process, including reminder SMS, emails and letters and associated work flows and document management and storage.

In the final stages of onboarding you to the Credisense platform, you will be provided with the skills to administer and build out the capability of Credisense so you continue to optimise the value of the solution for the long term and grow the platform’s capability within your business.

Our solution is fully web based, accessible from wherever you need to operate and through our API, capable of integrating to internal systems and other external data sources, which means you can design a seamless, efficient network of solutions to propel your business forward.

The benefits are multiple and include:

1. Paperless credit applications and digitised contract/document management

2. Eradication of repetitive tasks through automation and increased efficiency

3. Complete visibility and full auditability and adherence to credit control policies

4. Improved communications through multiple channels such as SMS and email

5. Reduced errors and single source of truth for all credit control activities and contract related information

These benefits all add up to huge cost savings, and improvements in bad debt and governance, making Credisense a no-brainer really.

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