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Credisense is the smart way to create smart credit account applications online, automate credit decisions, bill and connect with clients, and report on your business data, all from the cloud.

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Credisense is the better way to automate credit assessment, manage client accounts and report to your team, regardless of your industry.

Create digital account applications forms with automated rules

View and manage client accounts and billing

Report on and analyse client and business data easily

Here's how it helps

Digitise your application forms

Save time, money and the environment by digitising your applications process. With our easy to use drag and drop form builder, creating a great online applications process just got a whole lot easier.

Automatically approve the right sort of customers

Credisense's decision engine works for you based on your own credit policy. Ask as many questions as you like, set rules and get instant decisions on who to turn away, who to speak more to, and who to welcome with open arms.

Smart customer billing and account management

Get a clear view of customer behaviour and their track record of paying your bills. Set up automated customer engagement via multiple channels to remind them of upcoming bills or bills that need to be paid.

Full team control

With great power comes great responsibility. You can decide who gets what power and what responsibility inside the Credisense system so the right people have the right information in front of them at all times. Plus our SaaS cloud-based platform let’s you add and delete new staff accounts on the fly.

Sensi AI chatbot

Voice command searching with instant results through the Credisense bot. Simply ask anything to receive instant dynamic results.

Integrate with everything you need to automate your business

Our built-in integrations including major Credit Bureaus, NZ Govt, Google, NZ Companies Office, Twilio, and many more.